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Harahan Bridge Project

The Harahan Bridge spans the Mississippi River, connecting vibrant downtown Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas. The city of Memphis and Crittenden County (AR) are interested in reopening the former roadways for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. A bikeway on the north side of the Harahan Bridge will present spectacular views of Memphis and the Mississippi River.

In 1917, the bridge's roadways and approaches were purchased by the City of Memphis and Crittenden County. The roadways were in service from 1917 - 1949, when the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge was completed. Thousands of cars used the Harahan Bridge to cross the river safely each day, and for years, it was the automobile crossing south of St. Loius.

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Created by O.T. Marshall Architects

Main Street to Main Street

Article: Downtown Memphis Commission Fri Mar 09, 2012

The Main Street to Main Street Connector Project formalizes a partnership with the states of Tennessee and Arkansas and the municipalities of Memphis and Shelby County, TN and West Memphis and Crittenden County, AR. The Main Street to Main Street Connector Project is a 10-mile regional, multi-modal corridor that will increase and improve alternative transportation options in the Memphis metro area and connect Tennessee to Arkansas via a converted roadway bridge with a new multi-use trail.

The scope of work for this project will include streetscape, utility, sidewalk, roadway...

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