• Reopening the Harahan Bridge Roadways as a bike/ped crossing.
  • Opened in 1916 at 4,932 feet long.
  • (2) rails of train traffic, 20-25 trains per day cross the river here.
  • (2) roadways cantilevered from bridge, North & South side.
  • Roadways are 14’ wide.
  • Roadways used for auto traffic, from 1917 to 1949.
  • Roadways and approaches sold to City of Memphis and Crittenden County in 1917.
  • Structural Steel for roadways still in place.
  • The proposal is to utilize only the North side roadway.
  • The Harahan Bridge Boardwalk may qualify for several sources of funding.
    • Recreational Trails Program (RTP)
    • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ)
    • Surface Transportation Program (STP)
    • Highway Bridge Program (HBP)
    • Transportation Enhancement (TE)
    • The National Scenic Byways Program (NSB)

Crittenden County (western) terminus of the bridge

  • The roadways descend below the railroad grade, apx 50 feet.
    • Bicycles and Pedestrians will not be crossing the tracks.
  • Concrete Highway Ramp still in place.
  • A short greenway will connect the Concrete Ramp to Dacus Lake Road.
  • The Harahan Bridge is in the West Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).
  • West Memphis MPO has a plan to connect downtown West Memphis to the Harahan Bridge using existing roads and greenways along the I-55 easement.
  • West Memphis has a long term plan to create a park just south of the bridge.

City of Memphis (eastern) terminus of the bridge

  • Located on top of the bluff.
  • Approximately 400 yards south of the existing end of the riverwalk.
  • Approaching the bridge from the North, no track crossing will be required.
    • A fence will be built to separate bike/ped traffic from the railroad.
  • Church of the river owns the land adjacent, north, of the bridge.
    • The church is interested in working with the city on this project.
  • The Harahan Bridge is in the Memphis Bike/Ped plan.
  • The Harahan Bridge is in the Memphis MPO, LRTP.
  • The Riverfront Development Corporation (RDC) has a long range plan to extend the Riverwalk, past the Harahan Bridge, south to Desoto and Riverside parks.

New Roadway

  • A new surface will be constructed on top of the existing structural steel.
  • Surface will be non-flamable, non-slip, and friendly to bikers, walkers, & strollers.
  • Security fencing will be installed on the bridge and approached to prevent access to the rail bed.